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Coffee tables, side tables and tray tables.

When choosing a coffee table, there are many things to look at and consider. The size, height, shape and materials. All things to consider when choosing a coffee table.

The size of the coffee table is both decisive for what you can use the coffee table for: there must be room for both vases and books on the coffee table, and you must also be able to have drinking glasses and coffee cups on the coffee table. If you need a more flexible coffee table solution, it is practical to e.g. choose two smaller coffee tables, instead of one large one. One of these coffee tables may. also used as a side table.

The height of the coffee table should match the furniture you have around the coffee table. If you want to be able to sit on the sofa with outstretched legs underneath, this requires a certain height. Should one bend far down every time one has to take something from the coffee table, should one consider a higher coffee table? We recommend that you find a suitable height for a coffee table by comparing it with the coffee table you have had before.

A square coffee table requires more space than a round coffee table. It is easier to move around a round coffee table than a square coffee table. If you choose a round coffee table or a coffee table with round corners, you can often choose one that is longer / wider than a square coffee table.

We offer coffee tables, side tables and tray tables in different materials. We have linoleum for coffee tables, which gives a "soft" and warm surface to the coffee table, which at the same time helps to reduce the noise in the room. A coffee table with linoleum needs to be largely maintained as a coffee table with a wooden table top.

Alternatively, you can choose a surface for your coffee table with e.g. a Nano laminate that makes the maintenance of the coffee table easy. Nanolaminate for the coffee table makes it easy to clean, and the coffee table is very resistant to scratches etc. A coffee table with nanolaminate can handle toads and e.g. nail polish.